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Feb 23rd
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Services to Increase Sales

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We operate at board level to devise, implement and manage go to market strategies, ensuring that new business opportunities are realised quickly and efficiently.

Our work includes delivering projects such as new product launches, rejuvenating the sales operation, campaign based sales drives, and introducing key account management programmes.

For new and start up businesses we specialise in winning those all important first sales, and establishing a repeatable process to deliver continuous growth.


Recent sales projects have involved increasing sales for products and services such as:

  • Daylight Viewable Monitors
  • Electronic Locks
  • Software for managing hedge funds
  • Banking, fraud and risk Solutions
  • Software solutions for the NHS
  • Corporate Telecoms Services
  • Sponsorship and advertising in the music industry
  • Business Information
  • Recruitment services

We provide Interim and consulting services to increase sales, improve sales process and deliver change in B2B Marketing, B2B Sales and B2B Customer Service.

We operate through the UK and mainland Europe, and have delivered projects in the US and Asia.

Contact:   Richard Dagnall
   07702 137252