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Feb 23rd
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Marketing Services

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Companies come to us for an objective and analytical view of market opportunities, and for marketing campaigns that deliver superior results with high return on investment.

We deliver marketing and product management plans created by senior level personnel, but without the need to employ resources full time.

We have particular expertise in proposition development, and in ensuring that solutions are positioned correctly for each market served. We help ensure marketing messages are delivered cost-effectively and that campaign objectives are met.


Valo services for Marketing include:

  • Market research
  • Proposition development
  • Creating marketing plans
  • Campaign execution
  • Sales lead generation

We provide Interim and consulting services to increase sales, improve sales process and deliver change in B2B Marketing, B2B Sales and B2B Customer Service.

We operate through the UK and mainland Europe, and have delivered projects in the US and Asia.

Contact:   Richard Dagnall
   07702 137252