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Feb 23rd
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“I worked with Richard for several years, partnering closely with him in successfully developing stratgies and executing plans to increase MEF membership, certifcation programs and establish MEF marketing activities in Europe. Richard's strengths are his creative thinking, relationship management and a positive work attitude.” April 18, 2011
Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)
worked directly with Richard at Metro Ethernet Forum

“Richard was an enthusiastic and skilled advocate for both his employer, Iometrix, and the Metro Ethernet Forum. He established himself as a Trusted Adviser to service providers and vendors in his MEF role, which lead to increased opportunity for Iometrix. Richard is articulate and an entertaining speaker. He is adept at reading and managing difficult political situations where compromises are hard to find. Richard is an asset to any business team.” April 18, 2011
Louise Wasilewski, VP Business Development, PhyFlex Networks formerly known as Narad Networks

Richard made a tremendous contribution helping to transform the MEF from a US centric to a truly global forum. He connects extremely well with members and was instrumental in expanding MEF's marketing efforts through Europe. He is a roll up your sleeves guy who is results oriented and gets things done. April 17, 2011
Mike Tighe (Chairmen of the Metro Ethernet Forum)