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Feb 23rd
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We deliver practical sales and sales leadership training based on the real deals sales people are working, and the day to day challenge of meeting revenue targets.

By working closely with sales and sales leaders, using both training and mentoring techniques, we drive through change in a way that makes it stick for the long term. As a result we deliver better motivated and better trained sales resources that operate more effectively.

Recent programmes have focused on helping sales people implement a more effective approach to generating new opportunities from existing account, and a better way to present business benefits to different buyers in the decision making team.

We have trained sales people in consultative selling, in key account management and have a customisable program for these and other areas.


Valo delivers bespoke sales training courses. Recent programmes have addressed a range of sales challenges, such as:

  • Achieving a greater share of wallet from existing accounts
  • Finding new opportunities at target customers
  • Making better use of sales time
  • Getting customers to understand the value of services, and reduce the focus on cost
  • Moving to a consultative sales model
  • Dealing with aggressive competitors

We provide Interim and consulting services to increase sales, improve sales process and deliver change in B2B Marketing, B2B Sales and B2B Customer Service.

We operate through the UK and mainland Europe, and have delivered projects in the US and Asia.

Contact:   Richard Dagnall
   07702 137252